Bigfoot….Is it Real or Not

          Bigfoot is a creature that looks like a tall hairy man. It has many names such as Sasquatch,Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Skunk Ape, and many more. Many people think it is a hoax but I think it is real!

The Characteristics

           Bigfoot has been described as a very tall and stocky creature that looks like a very hairy man. A full grown Bigfoot is estimated to be anywhere from 6-10 feet tall and 500-800 pounds in weight. It is covered in dark brown to dark reddish colored fur. It has massive feet the tracks that have been seen have been up to 24 inches long and 8 inches wide. They are also said to be very shy and there life span is said to be 75 -90 years. Bigfoot is said to have a very unpleasant odor. If you see Bigfoot in the dark its eyes seem to glow they are very far apart from one another and are about 2 times as big as a human’s eye. A full grown Bigfoot is said to have 10 times more power than an adult human. A Bigfoot has an average sense of vision and a below average sense of hearing but its sense of smell is outstanding. Bigfoot are said to eat rodents,deer,fruit,garbage,blossoms, and flowers. They are also very interested in children and campers. They can also swim very well, similar to a frog,they are also know to jump off of cliffs to get away from humans.Bigfoot is also known to be dead silent when it is stalking prey or spying on humans or other animals.

Bigfoot is usually seen in thick forests and by roads or in farm fields. Bigfoot has been sighted thousands of times in the USA  but fewer sightings in Canada. The closest sighting to Snow Lake has been in Norway House.

This is a map of Bigfoot sightings in North America

These mammals are often mistaken as a Bigfoot.Bigfoot is often mistaken for a bear standing on two feet or a human in a costume or some time an ape or gorilla. Its track can be mistaken for a humans  or a bear track that is very big. In some places people take a wooden stick and carve it into the shape of a Bigfoot track and they will stamp it in the ground this actually happened in Manitoba.


These mammals are often mistaken for Bigfoot

 The writers opinion

If you ask me I do believe in Bigfoot because there is so much research that people have done and all the picture and videos and records that I have seen I think that Bigfoot is just shy of humans but in the future I believe  that all the Bigfoots will come out and we will get real proof that they really do exist.

If you want more proof watch (Finding Bigfoot) on Sundays or just click here and watch this video.


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The 100th Grey Cup Wrap Up

November 25th the Grey cup was held in Toronto in the Rogers Center. The outcome was that the Toronto Argaunauts won over the Calgary Stampeders 35-22. The Starting quarterbacks were Kevin Glen (CGY) and Ricky Ray (TOR). There was 53 208 people that attended the game. The winning coach was Scott Milanovich. The Argos had the lead right from the first quarter with Ricky Ray throwing touchdowns and handing the ball off to Chad Kackert for the game winner. In the first quarter the Argos had the lead 7-3. In the second quarter the Argos extended there lead even more. The Argos had the lead every quarter inching closer and closer to the big prize the Grey Cup. CFL anylists called it a historic victory. This event was so special they mad a coin for it.





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Stampeders V.S Argonauts in the 100th Grey Cup


In the 100th Grey Cup the Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders will face off for the title of the best team in the CFL. The  game will take place in Toronto on Sunday, November 25th, kick off will be at 6:00 PM. The starting quarterbacks have not been announced yet for both teams. Chad Owens had the most touchdowns for Toronto with 6. He also had the most points with 36. Jon Cornish had the most touch downs for Calgary with 13. He also had the most points with 78. The game will be shown on many channels such as TSN. Toronto played Montreal for the East Division title and a ticket to the 100th Grey Cup. Calgary faced off with B.C for the West Division title and also a ticket to play the home team Toronto in the 100th Grey Cup. In the end both teams had tight games but Calgary and Toronto both came out on top for the division title and a trip to the Grey Cup. For more information click here

For a 100th grey cup video click 100th Grey Cup

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Coffee Beans Possibly Extinct In 60 Years

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The Moose

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The Freaky Kid

Five Card Story: The Freaky kid

a Five Card Flickr story created by Justin And Jordan

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Intrepid Flame

flickr photo by bgblogging

The little girl atacks the woman. The Indian man comes over to save the day by picking the little girl up over his shoulder. Then a mysterious frog hops on his face and licks the Indian mans eyes,they swelled up. The little lion dog came, jumped on the indian mans face, ate the frog and ran away.

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This is my habs picture,go habs go.

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People like me.

At the start of the year my class was asked to fill out a idea hive survey with all kinds of questions. After we got all the results from the survey from all the kids from the Snow Lake grade 7/8 class and the Wingam grade 7/8 class we were asked to look at all the results and  find people who have the same things in common with us. I found two people like me. Their names are Craig.R and Josh. They are like me because they both like hockey the both are outdoors and they both like to watch hockey.

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About Me

Hi Im Justin i live in Snow Lake. I like hockey,golf and hunting. I have 1 sibling witch is my sister. I am in grade 7 and i go to Joseph H Kerr school. My favorite color is blue. I also really like the Montreal Canadians,the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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